The Skin

Hides and skins are a by-product or co-product of the food industry (cattle and sheep).

The skin is a perishable commodity which, to be used, must be handled and preserved according to very precise rules: this is the real know-how of the women and men of the sector.


The volume of production depends on meat production. The value of the skins is less than 5% of the value of the carcass.

The variety of French leather comes from the 39 breeds of cattle and 55 breeds of sheep living on the French territory.

The value of the skins also comes from the animal

The origin
The weight
The sex

And from the care taken in handling the skins

The defects of skinning
Presentation, i.e. dressing, salting and conservation

And from other elements

Destination: sole leather, upholstery leather, shoe leather, leather goods, gloves, clothing
Defects caused by external parasites: mites, lice, scabies, ringworm etc…
Natural defects or those caused by the handling of the animals
The global market