Since 1948

The Federation has been promoting and defending the interests of raw hide and skins professionals, as well as member slaughterhouses, and carrying out actions to improve the quality of hides in France.

Hides and skins

The French Federation of Hides and Skins

is made up of companies that represent more than 90% of the French trade in raw hides and skins, and manage the leather raw material of about 200 slaughterhouses spread over the French territory. These companies are: collectors and traders, slaughtering groups, experts or sworn brokers.

More information

The French raw hides come from large or small slaughterhouses

located throughout the country

Years, Mankind has been covering themselves with animal skins
Animal, bred orslaughtered for their skins
Eiffel Towers, weight equivalent to the total weight of French skins
Ambition: Progress

For 800,000 years , the representatives of the Homo genus covered themselves with animal skins. Men have always valued the fruit of their hunt. In the Paleolithic era, raw skins were already used to protect and cover themselves….(source : Marylène Patou-Mathis Prehistorian at the Museum of Man ;

No animal is raised and slaughtered for teir skin. In fact, according to European regulations, animals are identified and traced from birth. At the time of slaughter, this identification will be used for the traceability of the meat. The skin, which represents less than 5% of the value of the carcass, is a by-product of the food industry, and like the vast majority of those by-products, the skin will be valued for other uses … (source: European Union – Regulation (EC) no2016/429, FFCP)

23 is the number of Eiffel Towers that represent the total weight of French raw hides recovered by our industry each year. In fact, the raw hides generated by the French food industry represent approximately 160,000t of material that the leather industry then recovers into a sustainable and noble material: leather (source: Filière Française du Cuir)

PROGRESS : our role is to improve the quality of the skins by raising awareness among the actors of the upstream sector or by carrying out actions in farms, schools and slaughterhouses; we know the importance of transparency for our material. We know the importance of transparency for our material. We have been working, in particular with the CTC, for many years on the traceability of skins. Our companies are also involved in the labeling of their materials or their companies (Origine France Garantie, Leather Working Group…). They are also aware of the CSR challenges of our activity and are investing in the subject: CSR self-diagnosis developed by the Leather Industry, the working environment of employees (reflections on exoskeletons, for example), the impact on the environment (carbon footprint, reflection on process optimization, etc.).

Promoting the trade

and expertise

“We are committed to working alongside our French raw skin professionals to support the development of our businesses, to meet current and future challenges and to contribute to the influence of French skin in the world” Christophe Dehard – President

Our objectives

  • To represent the French professionals of the raw hides and skins with the state or national and international interprofessional organizations.
  • To inform our members about regulations and standards.
  • To guarantee the links between the actors of the breeding sector, the slaughterhouses and the tanners.
  • To work for the improvement of the quality of hides and skins.
  • To promote French hides and skins, via trade shows or national or international missions.
  • To make the French leather industry aware of the challenges of our activity.
  • To promote the professions and the leather material.
  • To inform the general public.